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Quantified Self

Human Vitality and Technology

New opportunities to improve people’s vitality, prevention, and sports performance

Modern, health and sports related, ICT systems have the ability to acquire considerable amounts of real-time data from the human body on a 24/7 basis using technology that recently has become available and affordable. These personalized and context-aware technologies can help to provide new opportunities to improve people’s vitality, prevention, and sports performance. More research is needed and possible because a multi-perspective approach brings new interesting questions.

In the Quantified Self research program we research the role of personalized and context-aware technologies that help to 1)  better understand relations between people’s vitality and their behavioral patterns in daily life (including but not restricted to sports), 2)better understand relations between actual (sports) achievements and activity patterns before, during and after being physically active and 3) better understand the contextual motives shaping active behavior, conditioned as this is by routines shaped by our social peer group and our physical everyday living environment.

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Research Challenges

In our research we focus on the acquisition of activity related data from individual people in “everyday life” related to their health and wellbeing, as well as the analysis of this data and translation into scientific models that provide insight in the underlying patterns. We would like to develop concepts and models establishing the correlations between psychological, social and physical motives and conditions shaping an active lifestyle as well their impact on health outcomes, both physically and mentally. The design and validation, in context, based upon these models, of new propositions that will improve the health and wellbeing of these people.

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