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Connecting methodologies to applications and vice versa.

DSCE has been integrated in the Eindhoven AI Systems Institute (EAISI).

Googling on the definition of Data science yields many millions of answers. We use a simple pragmatic definition: “The art of extracting information out of real-world data in order to create value for society”. Data may be structured or unstructured, static or streaming and may have many different formats. Value can be in the form of predictions, automated decisions, models learned from data or any type of data visualization delivering insights. Our definition excludes very important research done on the hardware that is needed to generate, store and process the data. It also excludes research that is using modelled data only.

EAISI’s mission is plain and simple: we want to stimulate AI research at TU/e and create AI for the real world. Our Data Science research is covering a wide variety of methods, techniques and applications. Due to the nature of scientific research we normally ‘go deep’ within one’s own discipline. However, in our vision the most interesting and promising new research happens at the interface of disciplines and is inspired by cooperation with external parties



TU/e Data Science is proud member of  JADS (Jheronimus Academy of Data Science), a cooperation between Eindhoven University of Technology, Tilburg University, the municipality of ’s Hertogenbosch and the province Noord Brabant. JADS is the overarching label for Data Science research at TU/e and TiU, and also has a physical presence in ‘s Hertogenbosch.
‘s Hertogenbosch is to become the vibrant center of Data Science education, research and valorization in the region and in the Netherlands. Here scientists from both universities meet and work together on regular base, enabling multi-disciplinary cooperation.

Data Science education
All Data Science educational programs (Bachelor, Master, PDEng, and professional education) are organized in a joint JADS program, supported by TU/e and Tilburg University.


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