Research Area Data Science

Research Groups

DSCE works together with over thirty research groups from six departments at the Eindhoven University of Technology. This varies from traditional mathematics and computer science groups such as Statistics, Visualization and Mining, to more application oriented groups such as Marketing, Operational planning, Security, Smart grids, Lighting etc. Data science is playing an ever more important part in many research areas.

  • Department of Electrical Engineering

    Biomedical Diagnostics

    Clinical relevance is our commitment, achieved through close collaboration with selected clinical/industrial partners and advisors.

  • Department of the Built Environment

    Building Lighting

    The research of the BL group focuses on daylight as well as artificial lighting, including both fundamental and applied research.

  • Department of Biomedical Engineering

    Cardiovascular Biomechanics

    cardiovascular, experimental & computational biomechanics, heart, blood vessels, (cardio)vascular disease, aneurysms, arteriosclerosis,...

  • Department of Electrical Engineering

    Control Systems

    The research field of CS is the area of dynamic modelling and model-based control of complex dynamic systems.

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Database Group

    The Database (DB) group studies core engineering and foundational challenges in scalable and effective management of Big Data.

  • Department of Industrial Design

    Future Everyday

    Future Everyday aims at bridging the gap between emerging technologies and people’s everyday life: how to deal with uncertainties that come...

  • Department of industrial engineering & innovation sciences

    Human Technology Interaction

    The Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) group analyzes people’s interaction with technology with the aim to better understand and improve the...

  • Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

    Information Systems IE&IS

    The Information Systems (IS) group studies design, optimization and computer-aided decision support in operational processes within and...

  • Department of the Built Environment

    Information Systems in the Built Environment

    The ISBE Group carries out research and education in the field of information systems used for the engineering and management of the built...

  • Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

    Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing

    The Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing (ITEM) group focuses on understanding and improving new business and product...

  • Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

    Operations Planning Accounting & Control

    The Operations, Planning, Accounting & Control (OPAC) group helps stakeholders across sectors to make smart, informed decisions, thereby...

  • Department of industrial engineering & innovation sciences

    Philosophy & Ethics

    The Philosophy and Ethics (P&E) Group conducts research at the intersection of philosophy, technology, and innovation

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