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Smart Manufacturing & Maintenance

Exploit the full potential of your data to boost manufacturing and maintenance!

Improve manufacturing and maintenance processes

The new industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is driven by new generation information and sensor technologies such as cloud computing, big data and data analytics, robotics and additive manufacturing. These technologies create the internet of things (IoT) in which objects (products, machines, factories, warehouses, customers) are all connected. The increased availability of massive amounts of sensor and manufacturing data that can be shared among the whole supply chain will enable integrated planning in industry to improve manufacturing and maintenance processes and to develop innovative products and services.  

The digitizing industry bears the promise to improve and integrate manufacturing and maintenance planning, thus facilitating the optimization of a factory as a whole, instead of sub-optimizing business units and processes separately. Integrated planning will lead to higher and more flexible production capacity, more efficient maintenance, more reliable production lead times, and lower stock levels. To make this promise come true, the current way of making separate plans for manufacturing and maintenance based on ad-hoc collected data must change. 

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Research Challenges

We investigate data-collection and data-aggregation techniques to parameterize production, estimation, prediction and maintenance models. Based on this we develop advanced prediction and estimation techniques that can be used to improve operational and tactical factory performance. We also create data-driven integrated prediction and optimization models for manufacturing planning. Ultimately, we strive for integrated planning methods and tools for the whole factory.

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