Strategic area Energy

Energy transition track honors program

The Energy Transition track is hosted by the Strategic Area Energy. Projects are therefore related to three of the four thematic areas that can be found at TU/e: Urban Energy, Chemergy and Solar PV. Students develop their own project and are coached in this process.

The TU/e Honors Program has been developed to challenge excellent students offering an additional 30 ECTS program next to the 2nd and 3rd year of their Bachelor program. The program is open to the selected students from all study programs educated at TU/e. The Honors Academy comprises of various tracks distinguishing themselves primarily through focus on different fields of interest. Students choose to participate in the Honors Academy through one of the tracks. 

Students are, at the end of each year, assessed on the results of their team, their contribution to this result and on their personal development.


The Honors Energy track contains the following student teams:

  • Team CASA - Comfortable, Affordable, Sustainable Alternative accommodation
  • Team CORE - Enable clean, reneable energy for everyone at any time
  • TeamPLAY (new) 
  • Team RED - Smart Grids - TU/e interactive map and platform
  • SOLID - Enable clean, renewable energy for everyone at any time

2017 - 2018

New teams:

  • Team NEOS - designing the ultimate Greenhouse
  • Team RED - Smart Grids - TU/e interactive map and platform
  • Team STORE - Sustainable production of formic acid

Continuing teams:

  • Team CASA (formerly known as Living Lab Home)
  • Team SOLID
  • Team FAST

2016 - 2017

  1. Team Wood Vinegar - Optimization of wood vinegar production process in rural Thailand
  2. Team CASA - Sustainable and Smart building at TU/e campus
  3. Team SOLID - Metal Fuels (burning) to generate electricity/heat
  4. Team FAST - Driving the first Bus on Formic Acid

All topics are related to either questions from society or (applied) research questions related to projects executed at our university.


2015 -2016

1. The Solar Cube

Research Questions; Approximate the energy generated and its efficiency by conversion of solar irradiation to mechanical energy in a to-be-defined object of a to-be-defined magnitude? Under which circumstances could this process be valuable (worthy to be applied)?

2. Team FAST

A team of students joined Team FAST ( They were part of the technical and marketing team and set themselves objectives related to the team objectives and their personal development goals.