Focus area of Engineering Health

Data Science in Health

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that applies numerous techniques to create value, based on extracting knowledge and insights from available data. The successful and responsible application of data science depends on a good understanding of the application domain, taking into account ethics, business models, and human behavior.

Revolutionizing healthcare through data sharing

Advances in Information Technology, IoT, cloud computing, big data and high-performance computing are having a major impact on health services.
While advances in the information sharing of medical knowledge results in better diagnoses and treatments, information management is also affected by trends such as increased patient-centricity (with shared decision making), self-care and integrated care delivery.

The way in which health services are delivered is being revolutionized through the sharing and integration of health data across organizational boundaries. Via research on health analytics, we deliver new approaches to merge, analyze and process complex data and gain more actionable insights, understanding and knowledge at individual and population level.

Our research is focused on three themes

  • Decision support for better health
  • Visual health analytics
  • Healthcare process and environment innovation



We are working in close collaboration with leading healthcare institutes and industry players that provide healthcare products and services.

Based on realworld data, we are developing datadriven analyses which take into account operational processes and decision rules. The techniques are applied at the level of individual patients and within the context of the whole care continuum.