Research tracks

  • From Academia to High Tech Innovation Startup and Back Again
    Dr. Gijs Dubbelman
    TU/e Electrical Engineering - Mobile Perception Systems
  • Open ML: Democratizing and Automating Machine Learning
    Dr. ir. Joaquin Vanschoren
    TU/e Mathematics and Computer Science - Information Systems
  • Bio-inspired System Design
    Jan Jacobs, Hans Krikhaar
    Fontys Smart Manufacturing
  • Learning task-based sampling by error backpropagation
    Iris Huijben MSc.
    TU/e Electrical Engineering - Signal Processing Systems
  • Natural Artificial Intelligence
    Prof. dr. ir. Bert de Vries
    TU/e Electrical Engineering - Signal Processing Systems
  • Reinforcement Learning in Logistics: Optimizing Transshipments in Dynamic Spare Parts Networks
    Dr. Willem van Jaarsveld
    TU/e Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences - Operations Planning Accounting & Control