Digital engineering refers to the application of computerized systems for system engineering processes; it thus requires the bringing together of descriptive and constructive models that are currently being developed across various engineering disciplines.

Optomechatronics is by definition always multi-disciplinary as optical technology (Applied Physics) is, as a minimum, coupled with (precision) Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Most often Mathematics and Computer Science are the other two necessary ingredients of a high tech optomechatronic system.  

Optomechatronics could be the enabler of many more applications especially when combined with state-of-the-art technologies such as robotics, intelligent sensors, and additive manufacturing (AM).

This way a new suite of high tech optomechatronic equipment comes into reach which could, next to Semiconductor manufacturing, serve market applications such as Scientific Instrumentation and products, Healthtech equipment and Agri-food systems and robotics.