Artificial Womb

Ectogenesis, life through an artificial womb, is on the brink of reality: in April 2017 researchers announced successful trials with animal babies. 
It will not be long before we can grow human babies outside the mother. 

The artificial womb confronts us with serious moral and societal questions. On 29 March we discussed if humankind is better off with this alternative way of growing babies. 

Our speakers included: Hendrik-Jan Grievink (designer Reprodutopia expo), Guid Oei (gynecologist MMC), Lily Frank (ethicist TU/e), and Larisa Pans (author of the book “Onbeperkt vruchtbaar” - Limitless fertility).
Moderated by Koert van Mensvoort (Next Nature, Fellow TU/e).

Dutch TV program Nieuwsuur (News hour) reported about our event.
You can watch it here (in Dutch)