Home Smart Home Night

24 October
De Effenaar, Eindhoven

The internet enters our house. Ordinary devices such as TV, refrigerator and thermostat are increasingly being connected to the internet. These devices, also called smart connected devices, register everything, record habits and predict your behavior. Data about your use and behavior is shared with large commercial companies that respond eagerly to this. What consequences does this new technology have on our relationships, identity and personality? Is there still room for human contact when we are surrounded by smart devices? These are central questions during the Home Smart Home Night of VPRO Medialab.

Three short films by young filmmakers sketch a future scenario of our lives with smart connected devices. After each film you can discuss with experts and explore the near reality, moral dilemmas and ethical issues that are inextricably linked to this. Steye Hallema lets us beatbox with Alexa, Amazon's speech system, and through interactive quiz the public pays to themselves about the arrival of the smart digital systems in our house.

Experts and speakers are Wijnand IJsselsteijn (scientic director of the TU/e Center for Humans and Technology), Elise Talgorn (Philips), columnist Hasna El Maroudi and philosopher Hans Schnitzler moderator: Veerle Devreese.

More information (website Effenaar. Info in Dutch)