Transforming mental health care - Technological and social innovation for mental health

06 April
Zwarte Doos, TU/e campus

Mental health care is recognizing the potential of and adopting technology. Important societal trends - rising costs of care, shrinking budgets, and patients’ explicit desire for more engagement and self determination-, ask for transformation of mental health care. A new frontier has opened which is completely changing the mental health care environment. Technological and social innovation will help mental health care to be fit for the future.

April 6 the Center for Humans and Technology, together with GGZ Eindhoven and Tranzo (TiU)  organized a research meet which featured inspiring presentations on innovative applications of technology in the domain of mental health. Topics ranged from dementia care, VR treatment and serious gaming to healing environments

Jan Mengelers, President of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Rector Emile Aarts, of Tilburg University (TiU), and Marie-Louise Vossen of the Board of Mental Health Care Eindhoven and de Kempen (GGzE) signed a joint agreement for the Academic Workshop 'Technological and Social Innovation for Mental Health'. Within this academic workshop, the three parties will continue and extend their cooperation in the field of mental health research and innovation.