Bridging Blockchain

25 April
Zwarte Doos, TU/e campus

“Blockchain tech is coming like a tsunami and in the meantime slowly we are converting our paper money to crypto valuta“, shared Ismail Yakar, an attendee of the Bridging Blockchain Eindhoven’s 3rd meetup that was hosted April 25 at TU/e. Ismail and many other Blockchain and cryptocurrency enhusiasts and traders gathered to discuss various financial aspects of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency.
Speakers at the meetup included Sam Chaatouf (Vanderlande) talked on finance and cryptocurrency, Minha Lee (TU/ee Human Technology Interaction group) discussed cryptocurrency chatbot, Brobot, and Cas Koeleman spoke on technical analysis, a method of market forecasting on Bitcoin.

The talk on Brobot was on an ongoing research regarding the user experience of Brobot, which involves Humans and Psychology USE students. The project’s main importance is in looking into the overlap between cryptocurrency, a novel technological trend, and a chatbot, the medium to get information on the said trend. After the talk on Brobot, the open discussion session on trust and privacy regarding cryptocurrency chatbot actively involved all participants. Given that attendees are more experienced with cryptocurrency than the general public, a few people explicitly said that they would trust a bot to trade on their behalf. Overall, the opinion was that trust is a big issue since people easily influence each other’s behavior when it is easy to get transparent information about the market movement of crypto valuta, or the bot’s behavior.

The “very interesting topics and enthusiastic atmosphere” that an attendee, Ruben van Dijk, noticed, resulted in longer talks over drinks at the Zwarte Doos after the formal meetup. The organizers, Allard Couwenberg and Anni Panagiotopoulou, hope to host a meetup every four to six weeks.

TU/e Cursor also published about the meetup