Inter-Academic Collaborative Center (Academische werkplaats) Technological and Social Innovation for Mental Health

GGzE, TU/e’s Center for Humans and Technology and Tilburg University’s Tranzo have jointly recognized the enormous challenge the mental health care sector sees itself faced: In today’s world of ever changing societal relationships, client demands and technological developments, innovation is key to continue delivering high quality care and support. 

Social and technological innovation hold great promise for patient (self) support in mental health. GGzE, Center H&T and Tranzo have therefore joined forced and created an inter-academic infrastructure to collaborate strategically in research and expertise. This infrastructure is a so-called ‘Academische werkplaats’ – and academic collaborative center on technological and social Innovation in which care practice and science meet. Together they hope to generate substantial and testable progress in raising quality of life for the many individuals struggling with their mental health.

Inter-Academic Collaborative Center (IACC)
The IACC encompasses a persistent and structural, inter-academic collaboration. Harnessing existing contacts, research and innovation projects, it aims to firmly embed mental health care as a theme in the research and innovation programs of the partner organizations. 
Under the heading of ‘Technological and Social Innovation for Mental Health’, it focuses on three core themes:

•    Transition in the mental health care sector (changing organizational processes and structures to facilitate innovative care practices)
•    Healing & healthy environments (empathic, adaptive, restorative environments, healthful conditions)
•    Personalized mental health care (e-health, online therapy, VR and physiological augmentation)


  • GGz Eindhoven en De Kempen (GGzE) is the mental health care organization that offers care and support to over 20.000 children, adolescents, adults and seniors with chronic and complex psychiatric complaints in the ‘Eindhoven en de Kempen’ – region and beyond.
  • Center for Humans & Technology (Center H&T) is the TU/e’s interdepartmental research center for the study of the relationship between humans and technology, in which the departments Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences, Built Environment, and Industrial Design participate.
  • Tranzo is the scientific center for care and wellbeing of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences , Tilburg University (TiU).



  • Yvonne de  Kort (TU/e, Center for Humans and Technology)
  • Prof. Inge Bongers (Tilburg University, Tranzo & GGzE)