Related researchers and research groups

The research theme Mental Health & Technology is coordinated by Yvonne de Kort. Research efforts are taking place in numerous research groups.

The following researchers and research groups at TU/e are currently actively involved in research in the Mental Health and Technology domain:

Human Technology Interaction (IE&IS)

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Keywords: Social, Cognitive & Environmental Psychology; Effects of light on human psychology; Prevention & restoration of stress; Ecological Momentary Assessment & Experience Sampling Methodology; Self tracking & Quantified Self

Human Performance Management (IE&IS)

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Keywords: Job demands & resources; Job crafting; Team processes; Sustainable employability


Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing (IE&IS)

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Keywords: frontline service context; customer experience; non-intrusive monitoring

Information Systems (IE&IS)

Related researchers:
Prof. Uzay Kaymak
Dr. Pieter Van Gorp
Dr. Anna Wilbik

Keywords: Process management in healthcare; Data science & analysis; Personalization; Personal Health Data Platforms


Information Systems (Mathematics and Computer Science)

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Keywords: Process mining; Care process design

Architectural Urban Design and Engineering (BE)

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Keywords: Healing environments; Ageing in place; Empathic homes; Smart architecture; Dementia friendly neighborhoods; Placemaking; Housing typologies

Real Estate Management and Development (BE)

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Keywords: Effects of (work) physical/social environment on health; Stimulation of well-being and productivity; Stated choice experiment; Path analysis approach


Future Everyday (ID)

Related researchers:

  • Prof. Panos Markopoulos
  • Prof. Sabastiaan Overeem (also EE)
  • Prof. Loe Feijs
  • Dr Rong-Hao Liang
  • Dr. Emilia Barakova
  • Dr. Mathias Funk


Keywords: Ambient intelligence, Behavior change support technology, Sleep quality monitoring, End-user development; Digital CBTI and Subjective Sleep Quality; Biofeedback & Collective stress; Emotion sensing and feedback

Systemic Change (ID)

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Keywords: Playful interactions; Design for dementia; Warm technology; Living Lab; Research through design; Person-centered design; Co-creation processes; Collective stress