Wijnand IJsselsteijn, scientific director Center for Humans and Technology

Our center is a single-point of entry for Humans & Technology related research at TU/e

The overall aim of the Center for Humans & Technology is to foster and enhance high-quality multidisciplinary scientific research at the intersection of humans and technology, and to translate fundamental research insights into viable applications, services, and policies. We are the single-point of entry for Humans & Technology related research at TU/e. 

The center pursues 3 goals:

Firstly we want to enhance technological developments - by taking the human perspective into account - in collaboration with technological fields at TU/e.

Secondly we aim to realize further synergy between the humans and technology related groups at TU/e in order to foster cross-disciplinary approaches towards the design and development of improved technology.

And we want to open up new opportunities for research funding with partners in the Brainport area and beyond, both private and public.