Center for Integrated Photonics Eindhoven

The Center for Integrated Photonics Eindhoven carries out research in materials, devices, circuits and systems enabling novel applications in communication, computing and sensing. The Center is funded by a 10-years NWO-Gravitation grant.

Mission and ambition

The Center for Integrated Photonics Eindhoven (IPI) is a leading R&D center in the field of integrated photonics. The work of the center ranges from fundamental scientific research in materials to the development of novel photonic devices, circuits and systems. This research directly addresses societal challenges such as the exponential growth and increasing energy footprint of the internet and the need for personalized medical care.

The Center for Integrated Photonics Eindhoven continues the tradition of the TU/e research school COBRA and of the former Institute for Photonic Integration, and it is part of the Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute, which has a broader focus on information technology. The center regroups over 100 researchers active in the field of photonics, and has access to a large cleanroom (800 m2) optimized for photonics R&D.

Work with us!

Please check out the TU/e Vacancies page for further opportunities within the photonics field. 


The seven TU/e groups working on Integrated Photonics together cover three fields:

  • Photonic materials and devices
  • Photonic integrated circuits
  • Photonic systems

Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute

The Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute (EHCI) brings together the world-class photonics and quantum research at TU/e to create a unique and optimal environment to enable these fields to grow synergetically. The institute´s interdisciplinary approach paves the way for collaborations to create new paradigms in computing, communication and sensing. 

The mission of the Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute is to contribute to a sustainable information society, by bringing together TU/e’s unique core strengths in photonics and quantum technology, from materials to systems. Interdisciplinary projects will bring scientists in these fields together. 


The Center for Integrated Photonics Eindhoven is the knowledge engine of the Photon Delta ecosystem, the sum of high-tech companies, knowledge institutions and authorities that have joined forces to gain a leading position in the development and commercialization of photonics. A key center of the Photon Delta lies in Brainport Eindhoven region, but there are also many parties involved from the rest of the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide.

PhotonDelta Fast Career Track program

Integrated photonics will have major impact in areas such as communications, healthcare, agro-food, and mobility. The market is growing fast and thousands of jobs will be created. TU/e is the place to start a career in this field.

Do you want to be part of this future?

Then you should consider the new PhotonDelta Fast Career Track program. This program involves TU/e Master students in Applied Physics or Electrical Engineering in photonics research and applications, together with researchers and companies active in this field. For more information please consult:

PhotonDelta Fast Career Track Program for Applied Physics students

PhotonDelta Fast Career Track Program for Electrical Engineering students

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Photonic Integration Technology Center

The recently established Photonic Integration Technology Center (PITC), has the mission to bridge the gap between fundamental research and industry. It carries out applied R&D programs aimed at supporting industrial development and volume production of integrated photonics products. It works closely together with TU/e, other universities and PhotonDelta.

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