Brainport Smart District

Here, we are working hands-on toward a smarter, better, more sustainable, mor social, and more beautiful district.

Brainport Smart District - incubator for the society of tomorrow

Here is where we are working hands-on towards a smarter, better, more sustainable, more social and more beautiful district. How will we live in 2050? Brandevoort is both the site of conception and construction. It is a place to experiment, together, on every aspect: from build, energy and mobility, to safety and health. Everything will come together under one district. Smart Mobility will focus on excellent commutability. Food Technology will work towards a healthy city. We are accelerating our sustainable ambitions. Zero emissions is no longer an ambition, but a daily reality thanks to the likes of geothermal energy or solar fields... there’s space for that here, too. Shared living, smart sharing. All of the pieces to the puzzle come together in Brainport Smart District, where future living is taking shape!

Health within BSD

BSD wants to be ‘the smartest district in the world’ and that doesn’t mean ‘high tech’ only. In terms of health and healthcare is ambition to promote prevention instead of aftercare. Attractive and healthy living environment must support and invite to a healthy lifestyle and contribute to health and wellbeing as such. SMART means here Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound.

How do we want to achieve this?

  • Design support: Data must contribute to prevention solutions for health and wellbeing which should be integrated in the design of the BSD.
  • People Behavior: Influence behavior by means of gamification, education, awareness, cohesion: to gain healthier, more caring for each other people in the BSD.

A few examples of concrete ideas (which may be used in BSD):

  • Smart Safety Lighting as a brand new concept designed to enhance safety in smart districts by introducing anticipatory control of home porch lights and street lights.
  • Experiment with innovative forms of housing, like VIVALIB living concept. VIVALIB is a French living concept that helps elderly to stay as long as possible in their home. This living concept is a combination of adapted spaces, practical home technology (home automation) and a service platform. The home can thus evolve with the needs of the elderly.
  • E-coach for healthy air quality in homes. An app in combination with set of sensors which should help people improve their indoor climate and increase awareness of them. The idea is not to regulate everything automatically but to educate people and give them personal choice.
  • Create urban spaces free from traffic noise by designing and using acoustic metamaterials in the soil of urban surfaces as green roofs and grass surfaces near roads, such that the low frequency problem can be tackled.
  • Create and implement interventions based on big brown data.

WHO (World Health Organization) moved in her new Housing and Health Guideline (to be published later this year) from recommendations for homes to whole communities, because healthy home doesn’t mean healthy living. Brainport Smart District aims to offer healthy living environment and support wellbeing of all their inhabitants. It is a big challenge but as George S. Patton said: Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.