Eckart Vaartbroek

At Eckart Vaartbroek district, energy-efficiency renovations will be carried out on the social housing stock that predominates in this area. In order to precisely calculate energy savings, the project will use an IT-based instrument capable of modelling costs and yield in a 3D visualisation of the district.

In the refurbishment process, the dwellings will also be made interactive, allowing the tenants to manage their energy consumption through the use of innovative ICT applications. The process will be facilitated through the use of “Woonconnect”, a 3D-ICT tool that:

  • Visualizes chosen measures and presents the cost effects in terms of rent
  • Enables tenants to compose the combination of measures and plan the moment of realisation energy costs simultaneously
  • Creates a database of possible solutions and measures matching to a specific type of housing; business to business to SME’s. Replicable to new projects.
  • Creates a live 3D BIM archive of the housing stock to be used for future maintenance