Event: Shaping cities based on Living Labs

Smart Cities Event organized by TU/e Smart Cities Program, Municipality Eindhoven and Brainport Smart District took place in Eindhoven and Helmond on 21st and 22nd May 2019.

The first day was a combination of theoretical lectures: Guus Pemen: Energy systems - What’s going on? and Elphi Nelissen: Smart doesn’t exist without circularity and interactive sessions at TU/e and visit to two Living Labs in downtown Eindhoven  - Stratumseind and Strijp-S. The last visit of the first day was The Night of the Nerds  - fascinating world of technology, creativity and innovations which is a traditional part of Dutch Technology Week.

The second day was more projects and business oriented. After a lecture from Bert-Jan Woertman about the success story of High Tech Campus in Eindhoven we visited two companies at Helmond Automotive Campus. Lightyear One - The company which is going to produce an electric car that charges itself and Rijkswaterstaat - The traffic center which controls traffic on all national roads in the region. The last but not least – Dana Behrman from UNStudio explained about their urban vision for Brainport Smart District which is based on a flexible grid that will develop around the demands of its inhabitants.