Strijp S

The former Philips industrial complex in the “Strijp-S” neighbourhood is becoming a creative smart district. An innovative concept to clean up contaminated land will double as a means of producing energy.

Photo by Edwin Hoek -

A district-wide ICT solution will allow residents to access different kinds of infrastructure, such as booking electric vehicles from a district car sharing scheme or using smart parking concepts. In this way, the IT-based tool will help residents to develop sustainable patterns of energy and mobility behaviour.

Seven main projects are conducting in Strijp-S covering Energy, mobility and ICT perspectives, such as smart office, smart mobility, smart charging of electric vehicles, smart lighting, sustainable energy supply and soil sanitation, optimization heat provision in existing buildings of Strijp-S. The aim is to build up nearly zero or low energy districts, integrated infrastructures and sustainable urban mobility.

- Photo by Edwin Hoek