Cutting cost of congestion and logistics

Data science & logistics, distributed traffic management and V2X systems research.

Using infrastructure efficiently

Traffic congestion costs the Dutch economy around 7 billion euros a year, so the road infrastructure must be used as efficient as possible. Models are able to describe the interaction between road users and this information enables us to make the right decisions or  to decide whether to build a highway or railway track, for example. Models make it possible to weigh up the alternatives. Furthermore we invest in research to improve the quality of traffic information to make traffic congestion a more plannable event.

One in every three trucks on the road is empty and over sixty percent of all other trucks are not full. Moreover, each truck on the road takes up the space of three cars. All these trucks unnecessarily cause congestion, emissions and higher costs.

TU/e research focuses on developing mathematical models to optimize freight logistics: trucks and ships must be as full as possible, cover as few kilometers as possible and get packages to their destinations as fast as possible. On top of this, emissions must be minimized.


Logistic solutions

At the Smart Logistics Lab research takes place on optimizing existing systems and on creating revolutionary logistics solutions, especially better management and organization of trucks and ships largely through the possibilities generated by internet and ICT.

One of the research projects is Cargo Hitching, which focuses on linking passenger and freight transport, and the role individuals could play in taking and delivering small packages. That will reduce the number of (freight)kilometers and vehicles in towns and cities as well as make the delivery of small packages to remote areas at an affordable price a viable prospect.

The Chair of Tom van Woensel, Freight Transport & Logistics is part of the department of Operations, Planning, Accounting & Control (OPAC) in the Engineering & Innovation Sciences Department.