TU/e student teams win all KIVI best Student Team awards 2018

KIVI Best Student Team Award 2018 for the best automotive team achievements
This year the department of Automotive Engineering of the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) organized the Best Student Team Award. The prizes for the top three performing automotive student teams and consist of €3000, €2000 and €1000 for the teams University Racing Eindhoven, InMotion and Solar Team Eindhoven, respectively. 

University Racing Eindhoven – 1st place

“We are thrilled to have won the first prize. Over the past year URE has taken giant leaps when it comes to reliability which is why we performed so well, obtaining a 5th place at the unofficial World Championship in Germany. The last few months we invested a lot of time in the new concept of autonomous driving and it is great to see our efforts have paid off. Our slogan ‘Educating the Engineers of the Future’ shows we focus on acquiring knowledge and developing new technologies. By winning this prize we feel acknowledged and appreciated which is always nice!”

InMotion – 2nd place

“We pitched our ambition to change the electric mobility sector by developing the 'Electric Refueling' technology and showcasing this in the Garage 56 class of the 24h Le Mans. The users of electric vehicles know that charging is the challenge we need to solve to continue the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable world. We will be using the financial reward of the award to develop our car and the technologies within. Proud to be part of the most innovative region of the Netherlands!” #ChargingAhead


Solar Team Eindhoven – 3rd place

“We strive towards a world that is no longer depending on fossil fuels, not just in mobility but in daily life as well. We pursue this vision by extending the possibilities of a solar car and by enhancing the application of our car. Contrary to electric cars the solar car does not need an electricity grid but can add to such a network. The jury acknowledged the importance of our mission and has awarded us with a third place so we are very happy.”

The Nominated Teams

Nine nominated teams gave a short pitch about their team, the competition, the faced challenges and the added value they created as a team in maximizing the performance. The nominated teams are chosen from a selection of automotive student teams from different Applied Sciences institutes (HBO) and Universities (TU). The nominees were:

  • Forze - TU Delft
  • HAN Formula Team
  • HAN Hydromotive
  • HAN Automotive Rally Team
  • Human Power Team - TU Delft
  • InMotion - TU Eindhoven
  • Nuon Solar Team - TU Delft
  • Solar Team Eindhoven - TU Eindhoven
  • University Racing Eindhoven - TU Eindhoven