Open Machine Learning Hackathon, 9-13 October at the Lorentz Center (Leiden)

09 October to 13 October
09:00 - 18:30
Lorentz Center@Oort, Leiden
From 04 September
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The Open Machine Learning Hackathons bring together the people that build and use open machine learning tools, within an intimate atmosphere (no more than 50 people) and plenty of time to interact. It is open to machine learning researchers, open scientists applying machine learning within their domains, or anyone who wants to help make machine learning more accessible to a wider audience. It is organized as a week-long hackathon in which small teams work on individual projects, but also regularly interact with each other. You'll also learn about, an open, online ecosystem for easily building, evaluating and sharing machine learning models across domains. You can bring your own data and learn how you can analyse it with new tools, bring your own code and connect it to the OpenML ecosystem, or just bring your data science skills to build cool new features or tools. 

Organized in the Lorentz Center, you'll have access to your own office space, bicycle hire, child daycare, and an active social program. To apply, all you need to do is tell us a bit about yourself. More information and the registration form.

Hope to see you soon in Leiden!

Joaquin Vanschoren