Delft Data Science Seminar - Big Data and Nature

11 December
12:00 - 18:00
Science Centre, Delft
From 31 October
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The Delft Data Science Seminar – Big Data and Nature is the newest edition in the series of Delft Data Science seminars organized at TU Delft. We aim to bring the main academic, economic and societal stakeholders together to jointly discuss how to address the challenges and optimally exploit and research the opportunities related to big data and nature in the years to come. Moreover, we would like to bring researchers from different faculties and external partners together and will facilitate this by an interactive workshop.


Big Data and NatureThe topic of nature will be discussed along the themes “natural resources” and “climate”. This topic is multidisciplinary, so we have invited researchers from different faculties to present their research. For the first theme we invited a number of TU Delft projects that will focus on Water, Sun, Earth and Wind in relation to data science. In addition, an interesting program is composed of presentations on investigating Climate Change with data science. Most of these projects are being performed in combination with external partners. During this event we also like to give companies the chance to pitch their Big Data and Nature topic. Companies interested in doing so can contact us at delftdatascience@tudelft.nlJoin us on Monday the 11th of December from 12:00h - 18:00 for the Delft Data Science Seminar – Big Data and Nature in the Science Centre in Delft.

You can register here. Stay tuned for the announcement of our keynote speakers.