Workshop Practice-Based Research in Service Logistics: Success Stories on Realized Impact

17 January
12:00 - 18:30
Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven
From 07 December

Service logistics is one of the research lines within the topsector logistics in The Netherlands. Many joint research projects of the industry and research institutes have been executed. Many ideas have been explored. Some of these ideas resulted in actual implementations and large impacts in the service logistics operations at the involved companies. In this workshop, we focus on these success stories. Multiple presentations are given on the key ideas behind these innovations and the realized impact. In addition, we have poster presentations on innovative current research projects.

This workshop is mainly aimed at service logistics managers and service logistics specialists from the industry, but we also welcome other people who are interested in the practical impact of service logistics research.


12:00                     Arrival and lunch

13:00                     Opening, by Geert-Jan van Houtum (TU/e, SLF)

13:15                     Presentation 1 – Dutch Railways, by Wouter Fleuren (Dutch Railways) and Joachim Arts (TU/e)

14:00                     Presentation 2 – One Logistics on JSF, by René de Koning (One Logistics) and/or Jürgen Donders (Gordian Logistics Experts B.V.)

14:45                     Pitches (on posters)

14:55                     Break and poster presentations

15:30                     Presentation 3 – ASML, by Ruud van Sommeren (ASML) and Martijn van Aspert (ASML, TU/e)

16:15                     Presentation 4 - <to be determined>

17:00                     Concluding remarks, by Geert-Jan van Houtum (TU/e)

17:15-18:30           Drinks


  • The main organizer for this workshop is Geert-Jan van Houtum (TU/e and SLF).
  • This workshop is sponsored by the NWO-TOP project “Service Logistics of Advanced Capital Goods”. The partners of this project are Eindhoven University of Technology, ASML, and Dutch Railways (in particular NedTrain). Geert-Jan van Houtum is also the project leader of this project.
  • This workshop is also part of the year program of the Service Logistics Forum