For industry

The Institute for Photonic Integration has the explicit aim of getting the knowledge and technology to market via companies. So companies as well as knowledge institutions are very welcome to make use of the knowledge that is acquired by the Institute for Photonic Integration.

The knowledge of the Institute for Photonic Integration can be accessed via a Photon Delta office cooperative, membership of which entitles a preview of new publications and information about new patents that can then be freely used for a fee. Licenses are never exclusive; this prevents that knowledge from being blocked.

Affiliated members can also exercise influence on the research direction taken by the Institute for Photonic Integration. Members can join the roadmap committees that co-determine the line of research.

In terms of its vision and experience, Photon Delta believes that the open innovation approach is the most promising for all the parties involved, offering the best opportunities for society to benefit from that knowledge.

More information about the cooperative can be found on the Photon Delta website.

A list of the parties already involved is shown on the page with partners.