Gravitation project "Research Center for Integrated Nanophotonics"

Research Center for Integrated Nanophotonics

In the Gravitation Program, the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) funds fundamental research carried out by consortia which have the potential to be among the world's top. In 2013, a consortium of five TU/e groups obtained Gravitation funding for research on Integrated Nanophotonics. The consortium consists of

Integrated Nanophotonics research

The research covers the full range of atomic scale phenomena, the creation of new photonic devices, integrated nanophotonic circuits, and the hardware for handling high capacity data in large scale communication networks. The focus areas are:

  • Pervasive optical systems: to connect users optically to the network with unprecedented speed;
  • Nanophotonic integrated circuits: to integrate photonic circuits with electronics with high density and power efficiency;
  • Ultimate control of light and matter: to find fundamentally efficient mechanisms for information storage and conversion.