Photon Delta

Photon Delta is the Dutch ecosystem in which high-tech companies, knowledge institutions and authorities have joined forces to gain a leading position in the development and commercialization of photonics. A key center of the Photon Delta lies in Brainport Eindhoven Region but there are many parties involved from across Europe.

Photon Delta office

In this ecosystem the ‘Photon Delta office’ plays an important role as one of the driving forces behind the development of photonics R&D and business.

The office manages, among other things, the knowledge and intellectual property deriving from the R&D work of the Institute for Photonic Integration. To this end a cooperative has been initiated that enables membership by companies. Members can preview scientific publications and peruse the new patents. Companies can subsequently purchase licenses to use the patents whose rights are never exclusive. This prevents new knowledge being blocked by any single member – Photon Delta´s objective is to enable the optimum use of knowledge for the benefit of society.