The predecessor of the IPI, the Research school COBRA, has been undertaking research into photonics for more than twenty years. In 1998 COBRA was already labeled a ‘top research school’ by the Dutch government.

The research has led to a diversity of technologies and products that are broadly applied in telecommunications or for the general benefit of the academic community. A list is available on the COBRA website. A range of different spin-outs, start-ups and organizations has also emerged:

The researchers involved in IPI regularly publish their results in prominent scientific journals, including Nature, Science, Nature Photonics, Nature Communications and Nature Physics. Tens of patents have been acquired and many hundreds of publications have appeared in journals.

These qualities have also led to a large number of leading Dutch and internationally prestigious grants and subsidies worth millions to research, including:


IPI is also represented in many national and international research programs and partnerships where the focus lies on the development of photonics.