Research Groups

We are known internationally for our excellence and expertise in basic science & technology disciplines. We focus on developing methodologies, understanding complexity in all its shapes and sizes and enhancing system thinking in research as important prerequisites for interdisciplinary research. By combining our strong disciplines, we explore new emerging scientific areas and enable promising innovations in the light of societal challenges. Open science is our standard.

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Applied Analysis

    The field of Applied analysis brings together many mathematical topics, such differential equations, dynamical systems, variational...

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Artificial Intelligence

    The AI-group primarily focuses on the fundamentals, techniques, and tools/frameworks for successful applications of AI. It strenghtens the...

  • Department of Applied Physics

    Center for Quantum Materials and Technology Eindhoven

    We are part of a worldwide race to control the quantum states of elementary particles, and to integrate them in technology platforms. This...

  • C&C

    Coding theory and Cryptography

    The Coding Theory and Cryptology group performs research from theory to ptracice

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Combinatorial Optimization

    The Combinatorial Optimization group focuses on the analysis and solution of discrete algorithmic problems that are computationally...

  • Data Mining

    The chair studies data mining (DM) techniques and knowledge discovery approaches that are at the core of data science. The group is known...

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Database Group

    The Database (DB) group studies core engineering and foundational challenges in scalable and effective management of Big Data.

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Discrete Algebra and Geometry

    The DAG group develops the mathematics needed for describing the algebraic and geometric aspects of discrete structures in mathematics and...

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Formal System Analysis

    Formal System Analysis focuses on theories, techniques and tools for modeling and analyzing the behaviors of software-controlled systems.

  • Information Systems W&I

    The research One of the foundations of computer science today is data. The omnipresence of increasingly large volumes of data has become a...

  • Mathematical Image Analysis

    We are interested in inverse problems, such as:  Inference of brain anatomy from diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging...

  • Scientific Computing

    Scientific Computing is a fast-growing, highly interdisciplinary field that brings together methods from numerical analysis,...

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    Research Institutes & Schools

    TU/e participates in several research institutes and research schools.