Research Groups

We are known internationally for our excellence and expertise in basic science & technology disciplines. We focus on developing methodologies, understanding complexity in all its shapes and sizes and enhancing system thinking in research as important prerequisites for interdisciplinary research. By combining our strong disciplines, we explore new emerging scientific areas and enable promising innovations in the light of societal challenges. Open science is our standard.

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Control Systems Technology

    The mission of the CST group is to develop new methods and tools in the area of Systems Theory, Control Engineering and Mechatronics. The...

  • Group of microsystems

    den Toonder

    Our mission is to make things move at small scales: fluids, particles, molecules, solid structures. We do this by carrying out research in...

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Dynamics and Control

    Our mission is to conduct high-level research in the area of Dynamics and Control, with the emphasis on modeling, analysis and control of...

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Energy Technology

    The mission our group is to advance heat & flow technologies for energy and high-tech applications. This mission encompasses the scientific...

  • Group of Microsystems


    As part of the Mechanical Engineering department, our cross-disciplinary research group investigates and develops microsystems for medicine...

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanics of Materials

    We aim to develop and innovate the scientific tools to understand, describe, predict and optimize the mechanical response of industrially...

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering


    Our mission is to develop innovative technological concepts and fabrication methods for microsystems for a wide range of applications. Our...

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Polymer Technology

    The Polymer Technology group of Eindhoven University of Technology provides education on and conducts research in the broad area of Polymer...

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Power & Flow

    Power & Flow focuses on clean and efficient combustion and process technology, to cater for fast-growing energy demands.

  • Group of microsystems

    van de Burgt

    In our group we focus on organic electronic materials for embedding artificial neural networks in hardware, to provide biocompatible and...

  • Group of microsystems


    Microfluidics and Soft Matter   We develop and use simple experimental tools - often based on microfluidic devices - for studying the...

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    Research Institutes & Schools

    TU/e participates in several research institutes and research schools.