Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Applied Analysis

The field of Applied analysis brings together many mathematical topics, such differential equations, dynamical systems, variational calculus, functional analysis, geometry, and approximation theory. The Applied Analysis Group focuses on these mathematical disciplines and their application to the real world around us. <br/><br/>The Applied Analysis Group is part of CASA, the Center for Analysis, Scientific Computing, and Applications.

“Exploring the zoo of nonlinear partial differential equations”

Partial differential equations, especially the nonlinear ones, are as different as animals in the zoo. We study them: do they have solutions, are these solutions unique? How do the solutions behave? How do they depend on parameters? How should we calculate solutions numerically? How do all these properties relate to the real-world situations that generated the equations in the first place? Tools such as functional analysis and variational calculus allow us to create order in the zoo.