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Biomedical Diagnostics

Clinical relevance is our commitment, achieved through close collaboration with selected clinical/industrial partners and advisors.

Research Profile

The Biomedical Diagnostics (BM/d) Research Laboratory develops algorithms for the interpretation of biomedical signals and data acquired with a variety of sensors, ranging from ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging, up to electrophysiological and photoplethysmographic recording. The lab positions itself on the edge between data-driven and physics-driven analysis through a continuous effort towards understanding the application domain and modeling the full measurement chain: (patho)physiological sources, sensing physics, and signal acquisition. To this end, research is carried out in tight collaboration with our clinical and industrial partners. The main application areas are oncology, cardiovascular, gynecology-perinatology, sleep, and neuromuscular research. The lab is chaired by Prof. Mischi, supported by a multidisciplinary team integrating expertise in modeling (Dr. Turco), Bayesian inference (Dr. Vullings), and machine learning (Dr. van Sloun).

In our graying society, the quality and costs of healthcare are under severe pressure. Accurate diagnostics, through advanced imaging and monitoring technology, is essential to enable timely, minimally-invasive intervention, reducing healthcare costs and improving the quality of life. I want to reinforce the role of human intelligence in the advancement of biomedical diagnostics by considering and modeling of the full measurement chain, from the (patho)physiological sources, to the sensing physics, up to the acquisition electronics. Other than letting machines learn models that humans do not understand, we should use artificial intelligence as a great opportunity to improve human knowledge and develop interpretable models that can be tuned towards effective, personalized medicine. Massimo Mischi was appointed full-time professor of Model-based quantitative analysis of biomedical signals at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)


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