7N500 - Practical assignment science shop for building technology

The problems that often occur are moisture-problems, with different kinds of causes and solutions. Several types of research are often used when solving these kinds of problems. Standard procedures include measuring surface temperatures, air temperatures and humidity over a period of time. In addition infrared pictures or simulations are also often used. The practical assignment will often consist of doing this kind of research or related assignments concerning architecture, construction engineering etc. For more information you can contact us:

The science shop offers an assignment concerning building technology. The following is expected from the student:

  • Analysis of the problem
  • Plan of approach
  • Conducting the research
  • Conclusions
  • Making an essay
  • Giving advise

Learning objectives

The Science Shop for Building Technology helps people who can't afford proffesional help concerning building technology. The main aim of this course is helping these people by doing research for them and giving them advise. The assignment has five main goals:

  • Learning to conduct scientific research, making a plan of approach and writing an essay containing conclusions and advise.
  • Better understanding of the theoretical concepts.
  • Establishing the link between theoretical knowledge and practical experience.
  • Developing social skills that are essential for sharing information with applicants.
  • Contribute to social service.