Algorithms, Geometry and Applications

The ALGA cluster (Algorithms, Geometry, and Applications) studies the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures, one of the core areas within computer science. 

Studying the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures

Research in ALGA ranges from curiosity-driven to motivated by concrete applications, and from purely theoretical to experimental. In all cases, the goal is to understand the underlying principles of the developed solutions and to formally prove their properties. Our approaches frequently combine the rigorous methods from algorithmic theory – which give performance guarantees with respect to both the quality of solutions and the running time of algorithms – with efficient engineering to achieve results of both theoretical and practical significance.

Our research areas

Mobile Agents

Massive Data


Parameterized Complexity

Moving Object Analysis

Computational Geometry



Student Opportunities

There are many different options for doing your Master's thesis project in the ALGA group. Thesis projects in our group range from theoretical to experimental, and they can either be internal or with one of our industrial contacts. For a few more concrete examples you can visit this page, containing master's theses that were supervised by people from our group.

If you are interested in doing a project with us, please contact Wouter Meulemans at