Final project

Final project & traineeship procedures

October 2016

Action items for your final project or traineeship for

  • Control Systems Technology
  • Prof. M. Steinbuch and Prof. M. Heemels

Before you start
Visit the Educational Office (GEM-Z 1.10 or 1.126) or consult their web page and ask about the procedures for traineeships and final projects. Obtain and fill in the necessary forms and get them signed by your supervisor and/or professor.

Finishing your final project or traineeship
Traineeships and final projects1 are finished with a report and a colloquium. The language for both the written report and the oral presentation is English.

Procedure for making a report

  1. The reports are all numbered and archived. Obtain a CST number at the secretariat (GEM-Z 0.126) before preparing your final version.
  2. Please send your final report as PDF version to the Secretariat. For a master report: Mention how many copies you need. Discuss this with your coach.
    The reports will be printed by an external Print service. That is why it takes about 4 or 5 working days before they are ready.
    There is a separate cover for your report, it is on this website from the CST group.
  3. In order to archive your report the secretariat needs a digital copy of your report in PDF format for storage in the digital archives. This is also for CONFIDENTIAL reports.
  4. When the finished master reports are returned from the Printservice you can pick them up at the secretariat and distribute it among your readers.

Guidelines for the reports
Write a sound, but brief and to the point report. Aim to limit yourself to 25 (first traineeship), 40 (second traineeship), or 60 (final project) pages of main text. Use appendices for additional information, graphs, figures, and proofs. Make sure that you format the title page of your report correctly. Consult other reports or ask your coach.

The colloquium

  1. The colloquia are held at GEM-Z 0.05.
  2. Schedule a date for the final colloquium at the secretariat. Consult your coach(es) and supervisor for a suitable date. Due to the busy schedule it is wise to schedule a date at least 1 month in advance!
  3. Send an abstract of your presentation to Petra Aspers (E-Mail). The length of this abstract is limited to 5 lines! An announcement of the presentation will be send to all members and students of our group.
  4. In order to maintain a sufficient quality of the colloquia, a trial presentation must be held prior to the final colloquium. Organize this with your coach(es) and/or supervisor.
  5. Language for the talk, discussion and abstract is English!

1 Additional requirements exist for obtaining your Master’s degree. Consult your supervisor or the Educational Office for details.

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