Powertrain rig

The powertrain rig is an engine test cell for measurements on a Wankel engine in favor of InMotion Racing. They want to use a Wankel engine as range-extender in their hybrid race car. The Wankel engine which is put in the test cell is adapted to accommodate direct injection and in-cylinder pressure sensing. As Wankel engines are known for high emissions output because of trapped fuel in crevices, research will be done on the effect of direct injection to reduce the amount of trapped fuel and thereby emissions. The Wankel engine is connected via its original gearbox to an electric machine with a torque sensor in between. The electric machine is an 81 [kW] Siemens asynchronous motor with a maximum torque of 298 [Nm]. Up to 2900 [rpm] this torque is maintained after which constant power is available until 5000 [rpm]. The electric motor can be used as a motor as well as a load. Because the Wankel engine can go up to 7600 [rpm] the gearbox can be used as a reduction. The torque sensor can handle 200 [Nm] maximum, so the maximum torque that can be applied is limited to this. The Wankel engine is fitted with a programmable ECU and wide-band lambda sensing to control it as desired. Measurements and the control of the electric motor are done by a dSPACE unit.