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MN/SE Student survival guide

Welcome to the survival guide for CST or DC students working in the fields of Systems Engineering or Manufacturing Networks. This page contains life saving information fot you. If you dare engage in this challenge, you need to have reached semester 3.A of the curriculum for mechanical engineering.

The subpages in the menu on the left offer specific information about several tasks you will need to do during your final phase, like writing a report, creating a poster, printing/plotting a poster, etc.

For general information (including a to-do list) check the pages of the university study guide.

Entering the wilderness

Depending on the research group you signed up for (CST or DC) it may be helpful to speak with M. Steinbuch or prof.dr. H. Nijmeijer first.
To start your journey in the area of MN or SE you need to contact the secretary and ask her to make an appointment.

Secretary for the DC group is mrs. Geertje Janssen-Dols (GEM-Z 0.144) and the secretary for the CST group is mrs. Petra Aspers (GEM-Z 0.126)

After your talk you should visit the Onderwijsbureau (OIW) in GEM-Z 1.10 and/or look at their web pages and ask for the procedure regarding internships and final assignments. Collect all the necessary forms and fill them out. Make sure all the people required sign these forms before you hand them in. When taking an internship abroad don't forget to visit mrs. Nathalie Baten (International Office) in GEM-Z 1.126 to make sure all the necessary arrangements are taken care of.

Following the road

Once you have joined the group, you have to take a number of hurdles known as courses. This will take about a year. Some of these courses are provided by other groups, possibly from other faculties. Individual courses can be chosen freely but the whole has to be approved of by the student's graduating professor. Upon completion of these courses you have to do a project, followed by a graduation project.

Arriving at base camp

Once you're working on a (graduation) project, you can take shelter in one of our laboratories at GEM-Z 0.07 or 0.08. To get a place there, you need to talk to the students already there, to see which desks are available. You can also check the sestud-computer page mentioned below to check the availability of a computer. Follow these instructions if you need a Linux user account. Contact H.W.A.M. van Rooy if you have any additional questions about that.
Make sure to register yourself on our sestud-computer page, so everyone knows your name and location. (You need to register on our Wiki first!!)