Loose ends

I am finished, what's left to do?

Besides the faculty requirments there are specific other requirements as shown below. Upon graduation be sure to:

  • Print 1 size A1 poster and 1 size A4 poster. Do NOT cut the A1 poster to size; leave the whitespace. Deliver them to your coach.
  • Send the .pdf file of both your posters and your report to h.w.a.m.v.rooy@tue.nl, so they can be published on the website
  • Submit the .pdf file of your poster at http://www.wtb.tue.nl/submit/
  • Create a CD-Rom with all the relevant assignment files for your coach. This will also be used to update our archive.
  • Clean up your workplace (computer, desk and/or locker)
  • Return the keys to your desk and/or locker to H. van Rooy at GEM-Z 0.117