The MN/SE colloquium

  • Usually, the colloquia are held at WH 0.05 and take 20 (internship) or 30 (final assignment) minutes. The final 5 minutes are meant for answering questions from the audience and discussion.
  • Visit the secretarial office to plan a date for your colloquium. Contact your coach and professor to pick a date that is most suitable. It is wise to pick a date reasonably early.
  • If it concerns a SEMiNar meeting you should fill out this application form and email it to the secretary who will make an entry in the MN calendar
  • You are advised to hold a practise session of your presentation, before the actual one. Organize this with your fellow students and/or your coach.
  • Although it is not required, you are urged to use the English language during your colloquium.


Structure and form

  • Start with a clear, understandable introduction
  • Clearly state the formulation of the problem
  • Find a good balance between broad outlines and specific detailsTune to the level of your fellow SE students
  • Give a clear and concise recap of conclusions and recommendations.



  • Articulate well, in a clear and lively voice
  • Do not speak too swiftly, use correct English and keep eye-contact with your audience.
  • Make good use of the available visual aids.
  • Prepare your sheets or PC presentation using the Systems Engineering style


General remarks

  • Is the message of your presentation coming across?
  • Are you sure you have a thorough knowledge of your subject's matter?
  • What kind of discussion and questions do you expect?
  • Do not exceed the time limit!
  • Make sure in advance that everything you need is present and working properly!
  • If needed, bring your own notebook. The group can provide a beamer.
  • Be on time, prepared, and relaxed when you start your presentation.



To create the graphics part of a presentation you can choose more than one way to do it:

  • Use the MiKTeX  environment with the beamer package.
  • Use the PowerPoint program, which is part of the Windows Office suite.

Both programs have their strengths and weaknesses, its up to you to choose whichever you like best.


  • Do not 'overcrowd' your sheets
  • Use approximately 1 sheet per 3 minutes