Completion of bachelor assignments

Bachelor assignments are concluded with a written report and an oral presentation. Although the Dutch language is allowed, you are encouraged to write your report in US English. Your oral presentation may be done in the Dutch language, even though your sheets are in English.

Your report needs to be hard copied 3 times. 1 for your coach, 1 for OIW and 1 for yourself. Follow the procedure outlined below.

Completion of internships and final assignments

Internships and final assignments are concluded with a written report and an oral presentation. You should write your report in US English. Your oral presentation may be done in the Dutch language, even though your sheets are in English.

Additional requirements exist for the MSc track. Ask your coach and/or the OIW for information.

The procedure in the next paragraph decribes the final step to physical paperware. Be sure to read all the other paragraphs too, because they apply to the steps before reproduction.....

Procedure for printing an MN or SE report

  • MN and SE reports are numbered and archived. You should collect a report sequence number from the secretarial office (GEM-Z 0.126) before you print the final version of the report.
  • On you will find information on how to add the ME cover with a photograph to your report. 
  • Make sure that the photograph or image is 150 DPI and 180x110mm (LxH); or 1063x650 pixels
  • When the report is finished, it can be copied, bound and covered by the REPRO service. You should provide the following information (direct or by email) to the secretary:
    • a complete, ready-to-print, .pdf version of your report, including the cover!
    • number of copies to be made (yourself, OIW, committee members)
    • number of pages in color
    • number of pages in black
  • When the reports have been processed by the REPRO you may collect them at the secretarial office for further distribution to your coach, committee members, etc.
  • Send the complete pdf version (with cover) to secretary so it can be placed on the MN/SE website, and in the electronic archive.

Guidelines for MN and SE reports

Write a clear, coherent and concise report. As a rule of thumb: a maximum of 25 pages for a short internship, 40 pages for a long internship and 60 pages of main text for a final assignment. Use appendices for additional information, graphs, figures, tables and proofs.
Make sure the layout of the title page is correct, and you have a relevant picture for the cover. Examine other SE reports and/or ask your coach.

You are strongly advised to use LaTeX (MiKTeX distribution) as text processing system which can be found on \\winstorage\MikTex\MikTex29 if you have enough access rights. A special sebook style file has been made to generate the required typesetting. It can be found on the SE web server. Figures and graphs can be made with quite a lot of tools. Choose tools with which you can generate proper .eps files and/or .pdf files. Both formats can be processed very well in the MiKTeX system.

Layout of the final version

Make a final check that all chapters start on odd (oneven) numbered pages. Add one empty page after the front page and after the 'opdrachtsomschrijving'. Do not add other empty pages yourself. Latex automatically inserts extra empty pages when necessary.

Be sure to create the final version double sided. If you let the TU/e Repro do the copying make sure you use the column "dubbelzijdig" on the "reprobon". The preferred page order is as follows:

  Front page  
  Copy of 'opdracht omschrijving'  
  Acknowledgement or Preface (optional)
  Exploitation of results (optional)
  Table of contents  
1 Introduction  
2 ...  
... ...  
... Conclusion  
A Table of symbols (if Chi model avaialble)
B Model code and description (if available)
C Other Appendices  

'Bedrijfs opdrachten'

If you do your assignment for a company, you are probably working with confidential material. In this case, it is suggested (but your coach may have a different opinion, ask him first) that you try to divide your report in two parts: the main report without confidential information, and the appendices with the confidential information. In this way, it is easier to let other students or researchers read the main report. If you must put confidential information in the main report, than you can consider putting the appendices together with the main report in one.

When the main report has confidential material it will be handeld as confidential for a maximum of 6 months. If confidentiality is needed for a longer periode a "Confidentiality of graduation report" registration form has to be filled in. This form can be aquired at the secretarial office (GEM-Z 0.126).

PDF file generation

It is common pratice to generate a pdf version of your report. This file format is readable on both Windows and Linux systems. If you include the hyperref package (as the last(!) package) in your LaTex source, the pdf file will contain all essential links for easy on screen reading and browsing.