MN/SE Students

Below you can the names of the students that have decided to do their graduation work in the Manufacturing Networks Group or in the Systems Engineering Group. (The list may be a little outdated.)

If you are thinking about joining MN or SE feel free to make an appointment with one of the professors mentioned on the right. The secretary will gladly put your appointment in their calender.

Prof. Adan (MN) is available the whole week.
Prof. Fokkink (SE) is only available on Thursdays.


List of registered students at MN or SE

Frank Arkesteijn
Marijn Blom
Oriane Dierikx
Michel Dijkstra
Lars Ekermans
Johan Freens
Bas Haansbergen
Mike Hu
Jeremy Karouta
Suzanne Kleindop
Tim Korssen
Kay Peeters
Roland Roelofs
Jaap Schuit
Bram Sleegers
Monica Theunissen
Martijn van de Ven
Yorrik Vissers
BartJan Volmer
Jeroen Willems