Department of Electrical Engineering

Control Systems

The research field of CS is the area of dynamic modelling and model-based control of complex dynamic systems.

Enabling smart, high-performance operation of technical systems across technology domains

The mission of the group is to be an internationally recognized centre of research in systems and control, where contributions to fundamental theory are combined with advancing innovative technological applications in a selected number of domains, in cooperation with relevant industrial partners. The fundamental research of CS is directed towards the following research lines:

• Data-driven modelling in dynamic networks
• Modelling and control of linear parameter varying systems
• Spatial-temporal multi-physics systems and model reduction
• Data analytics and machine learning
• Constrained and interconnected systems
• Model-based control and optimization
• Control of cyber-physical systems

Application domains range from multi-physics high-tech/mechatronic systems, automotive systems, energy and power converter systems to industrial process control systems. In each of these domains CS collaborates with leading companies contributing our fundamental knowledge to their innovation roadmaps.

CS actively participates in the research program of the national research school DISC (Dutch Institute of Systems and Control) and significantly contributes to the “Smart and Sustainable Systems” program of the EE department. Cooperative links exist with the EE groups EPE and EES and the ME groups CST and DC.

Our Labs

Sofie Haesaert

Autonomous Motion Control Lab

The Autonomous Motion Control (AMC) Lab is a testbed for new solutions of autonomous motion problems. 

Mircea Lazar

Constrained Control of Complex Systems (C3S)

The C3S Lab focuses on stability and control of complex dynamical systems subject to constraints. Complex dynamical systems typically...

Hans Butler

Control of high-precision mechatronic systems

This Lab focusses on control techniques in lithographic scanners, in particular related to high-accuracy positioning systems.

Paul Van den Hof

Dynamic Networks: Data-Driven Modeling and Control

We develop methods and tools for the modeling of dynamic networks on the basis of operational data, to be used as a basis for model-based...

Tijs Donkers

Dynamics and Control for Electrified Automotive Systems

The research covers several aspects of optimization and control for automotive systems.

Sofie Haesaert

Formal methods for control of cyber-physical systems

In our lab, we develop theory and engineering methods for the design and formal verification of control in cyber-physical systems (CPS).

Roland Toth

Machine Learning for Modelling and Control

Focus on data-driven modelling (identification) and control of complex physical/chemical systems, in particular in the high-tech and process...

Leyla Özkan

Smart Process Operations and Control Lab

SPROC Lab focuses on challenges critical for the dynamic and flexible operation of chemical processes.

Siep Weiland

Spatial-Temporal Systems for Control

This research focuses on the modeling of multi-physics dynamic systems.

Work with us!


Assistant Professor in High-tech Multi-physics Systems & Control

Within the project SYSDYNET the following open positions are available:

Software developer (Researcher / research engineer)
We are looking for research fellows with a programming-oriented mindset to
contribute to the development of  a Matlab toolbox for dynamic network identification.

Post-doc 'Machine learning in dynamic network modeling'

For more information on these positions, contact Prof. Paul Van den Hof.

Meet some of our Researchers


Control Systems has four main application domains: High Tech Systems, Automotive, Process industry and Energy. In each of these domains CS collaborates with leading companies contributing our fundamental knowledge to their innovation roadmaps. Often these companies are dominant market players, sometimes world leaders. With most of them CS has already built up a relationship over many years.

Below you can find the listing of most of our industry partners, a description of the innovation topics and a link to project details.  

Some of our projects

Student Opportunities

The Control Systems group teaches courses in the BSc and MSc programs of Electrical Engineering and Automotive Engineering, in the MSc program Systems and Control of Mechanical Engineering, and in the PhD program of the Dutch Institute of Systems and Control (DISC).

In practically all our research projects there are ample opportunities to do your Bachelor's or Master's projects. For a current overview, please have a look at the links to the TU/e marketplace.



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