Mircea Lazar

Constrained Control of Complex Systems

The C3S Lab focuses on stability and control of complex dynamical systems subject to constraints. Complex dynamical systems typically encompass more interconnected nonlinear systems and perform complex tasks subject to rich safety and performance specifications. Mastering complex dynamical systems plays a key role in the development of smart energy systems, high-tech mechatronics, autonomous vehicles or bio-medical systems.

Research Profile

We make use of model predictive control (MPC) theory to deal with constraints and we design MPC algorithms and fast MPC solvers for complex systems (highly nonlinear, hybrid, uncertain or large-scale interconnected systems). We research flexible control Lyapunov functions to enforce stability for real-time controllers. To increase autonomy and reliability of control systems we focus on integration of artificial intelligence (neural networks) with classical and predictive controllers.


Meet some of our Researchers

Most important active projects

  • HTSM TTW-NWO grant: Embedded power electronics, converters and control (in collaboration with Prof. Elena Lomonova, EPE, Electrical Engineering, TU/e)
  • EU H2020 project: Implementation of powertrain control for economic, low real driving emissions and fuel consumption (Imperium, in collaboration with Dr. John Kessels, DAF)


  • Visiting address

    Groene Loper 19
    5612 AP Eindhoven
  • Postal address

    P.O. Box 513
    Department of Electrical Engineering
    5600 MB Eindhoven