Bachelor's Courses

Code CourseLecturer


SystemsM. Lazar
5EMA0Mathmatics EE II (Optimization)S. Grammatico
5ESD0Control systemsP. Van den Hof

Automotive Design Project: The Electronic Differential

T. Donkers
5XWC0Energy ManagementT. Donkers
5XWD0Project Energy management in Hybrid VehiclesT. Donkers
6E8X0Dynamica en beheersing van processenT. Backx / L.Ozkan

 Master's Courses

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Robust Control

R. Toth

5LMA0Model ReductionS. Weiland
5CSA0Dynamical SystemsS. Weiland
5SMA0Model-based controlL. Ozkan
5SMB0System IndentificationP. Van den Hof
5LMB0Model Predictive ControlM. Lazar
5LME0Advanced Process Control L.Ozkan / T. Backx
5LMD0Selected Topics in Systems and ControlP. Van en Hof / H. Butler
5LEJ0Secondary Batteries and Hydrogen Storage D. Danilov
5SC23Knowledge based controlS. Weiland
5SC26Integration ProjectS. Weiland

Courses in the DISC PhD Programme

Linear Matrix Inequalities in ControlNovember 2016R. Toth / S. Weiland