Group of Dynamics and Control

Robotics and Perception

Robotics and Perception group focuses on enabling advanced robotic applications, autonomous robots, human-robot collaboration, and developing human assistive technologies via fundamental and applied research.

We support the creation of innovative autonomous, shared control, and teleoperated systems that are interactive, safe, and agile. We focus on prototyping, modelling, and control of soft robots, applying numerical and experimental techniques to explore how new materials, geometry, nonlinearities and feedback can be used to embody intelligent behavior in autonomous systems. We integrate perception, learning, and control to enable safe and flexible deployment of mobile robots operating around people.

By concentrating on fundamental and applied haptics and human motor control, we enable the creation of new assistive devices and improve usability of teleoperated systems. We are committed to enhance robotic manipulation abilities, allowing robots to go beyond traditional pick-and-place skills to reach human-like grab-and-toss performance.


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    Gemini-Zuid, room 0.143
    Den Dolech 2
    5612 AZ Eindhoven
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    Department of Mechanical Engineering
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