e/MTIC Honors Program

Within this program, master honors students can enjoy the benefits of working within the e/MTIC ecosystem where various research settings (university, hospital, industry) are combined.  Via "bench-to-bedside"  projects, real-life clinical problems will be tackled by a multidisciplinary team of honors students and e/MTIC partners.

In the Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center (e/MTIC) the TU/e, Philips and three local hospitals (Catharina Hospital, Máxima MC and Kempenhaeghe) have joined forces to accelerate clinical innovations. In e/MTIC there are over 100 PhD, PDEng, and MSc. researchers working on healthcare solutions in the domains cardiology, perinatology and sleep. To develop your talent in this multidisciplinary ecosystem, e/MTIC offers master honors students to join the e/MTIC Honors Program.

Tackle a real-life medical problem

Within the e/MTIC honors program, master students will get access to the entire e/MTIC ecosystem, where various settings (university, hospital, industry) are combined. The core of the program is a 6-month innovation team challenge at Philips in close collaboration with the clinical partners. In these “bench-to-bedside” projects a real life clinical problem is tackled by a multidisciplinary team of honors students and e/MTIC supervisors.

This program is offered to master honors students at the TU/e and will start twice a year:

  • In the fall, two students who do the master honors program at preferably the Electrical Engineering of Biomedical Engineering department of the TU/e will be selected for this e/MTIC honors program
  • In the spring, two new tracks will be available for master honors students at Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Who can apply

  • Master honors students from Electrical Engineering who are planning to do the Care and Cure track at the TU/e;
  • Master honors students from Biomedical Engineering especially those specializing in Medical Engineering at the TU/e;

Applicants are invited to submit their motivation letter, CV and grade list to the selection committee (honorsprogram@emtic.nl)

Your future career in MedTech innovation 

As an e/MTIC honors student, you have to be part of the TU/e honors academy, where you will gain knowledge and experience with personal leadership and professional development.

Specific to the e/MTIC honors program, you will be joining a 6-month cycle of the bench-to-bedside project, worth 15 ECTs. During this project you will become part of a multi-disciplinary team focusing on a medical use-case where it would be invaluable to bring data science research into the real world. As an example, previous bench-to-bedside projects investigated fall management, patient similarity, capacity management, and nurse worry. More information about the bench-to-bedside projects is given on the website.

At the start of the program, each student will select a coach that helps shaping the master curriculum by advising on relevant elective courses for a future career in MedTech innovation. Honors students will get first choice in e/MTIC graduation projects and are actively involved in e/MTIC activities, such as PhD events. During the program, the student will receive a generous stipend. At the end of the master’s program, the students will receive a special e/MTIC honors certificate next to their regular master’s diploma.


Students who want to participate in the e/MTIC honors program should first be admitted to the TU/e honors academy. You can find information about application to the honors academy here. The deadline for the next application is March 15 2023.

Master honors students can apply for the e/MTIC program up to the 16th of April 2023 at honorsprogram@emtic.nl by sending:

  • Motivation letter (addressed to the e/MTIC honors program board) explaining their reasons for pursuing the honors program;
  • CV;
  • Grade list.

Application and selection criteria

We are looking for students that have a following profile:

  • Master student EE or BME
  • Admitted to the TU/e master honors program
  • Motivated to work in the area of applied Health Innovation
  • Are engaged in activities outside study program (e.g. teaching assistant, study association)
  • Excellent study results in bachelor/pre-master


Note that we are not necessarily looking for students who fulfil all above criteria. Rather, the e/MTIC honors program is looking for highly motivated students that will fit into the bench-to-bedside team and for whom this would be a valuable learning experience.


Selection process

A committee consisting of representatives of e/MTIC involved in bench-to-bedside projects and the Electrical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering department of the TU/e will do the selection based on the selection criteria outlined above. Next to the application documents, a follow-up interview will be scheduled with selected candidates.


Application deadline is April 16 2023. Please send your application to: honorsprogram@emtic.nl after being accepted by the TU/e honors program.

All students who responded will receive a decision letter before May 19th 2023.


More Information

Email address of the e/MTIC honorsprogram: honorsprogram@emtic.nl