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Hey Everyone!

I am Vasudha Nallajarla, and I have taken over the e/MTIC Back Office Support role from Melanie. I started off on September 19th and I’m currently working two days a week. I will be handling the administrative aspects of e/MTIC, along with being the chair of the e/MTIC PhD team.

To tell you a little bit more about myself, I am from India and I moved to the Netherlands in July 2022. I’ve previously had the opportunity, to work on the lines of customer success and business development in start-up environments. I’m really excited about this new journey and hoping to make a small yet meaningful contribution towards the organization.

Best Regards,
Vasudha Nallajarla


The PhD team was initiated in January 2021 and they went straight to work! This initiation was triggered by one of the e/MTIC KPIs: “20% of all e/MTIC students and PhD’s find a next assignment within the e/MTIC ecosystem”.  The e/MTIC PhD team members are Steven Beumer, Iris Cramer, Floor Fasen, Luca Cerina, Pascalle Wijntjes supported by Ward Cottaar, Vasudha Nallajarla and Chantal Schoen.

Each year we send a e/MTIC  PhD community Questionnaire, where you can inform us about the things you need to be improved or things that already go well. From this input the first PhD introductory webinar on May 7th 2021 started. During this webinar the e/MTIC PhD’s are informed about Courses, How to reach experts, Data Management, Clinical Studies and Intellectual Property. Also, various e/MTIC PhDs will share their experiences within the three different domains; Sleep-, Cardiovascular- and Perinatal medicine. The sessions are being recorded and are available for all the e/MTIC PhD’s via MS Teams. Other subjects this team is working on: MSc Program (Proposal for extending e/MTIC community with master students, mentored by PhD’s), an e/MTIC PhD network via MS Teams (with introductory presentations of the e/MTIC PhD’s with the expertise) , and Poster, Pitch, Pizza events (organised per e/MTIC domain). So to all e/MTIC PhD’s(!): Keep an eye out for the next invitations to join the e/MTIC PhD community activities.


The e/MTIC Funding Team is responsible for identifying and acquiring new funding sources for e/MTIC programs and projects, next to orchestration of the established public funding sources and partnerships across DMT’s. The latter are leveraged by the Daily Management Teams. Those sources may concern existing programs in e/MTIC or new activities in line with the e/MTIC strategy and in close collaboration with the Steering Team. The funding Team is also responsible for maintaining an up to date transparent overview of the overall e/MTIC program financial commitments and outlook, in particular the balance between cash contributions from partners and co-funding/matching obligations. The Funding Team does not address the organizational finance of e/MTIC, which is a Steering Team responsibility.

The objective of the funding team is:

  • To identify and acquire new funding sources beyond the established public calls and funding channels and manage existing funding sources across DMT’s;
  • To ensure overall predictability and growth/stability in the e/MTIC program funding level in line with the e/MTIC strategy;
  • To create full transparency and maintain overall consistency in multiyear financial commitments related to e/MTIC programs and projects and inflow of funding sources, thereby building on the information system of TU/e;
  • To support development of e/MTIC in general

The approach of the funding team is:

  • Conditioning / Lobbying: Approaching new funding sources (public and private) and influential organizations to promote e/MTIC as a whole and programs in particular, getting e/MTIC on the innovation agendas of those organisations. Understanding requirements;
  • Operational / Proposal submission: Advise DMT’s and Steering Team for follow up on new funding sources, explaining rights and obligations. Evaluation and learning on success rate.
  • Meeting structure: biweekly meeting on Wednesday (linked to the Steering Team) with standard agenda and special items. Tracking of actions and status in separate list. Status with regular status update presentation in the e/MTIC Steering Team.

Best regards,

Kees van der Klauw, Chairman TF-Funding
Paul Merkus, Secretary TF-Funding


The e/MTIC Valorisation Task Force (VTF) aims to create, maintain and expand a valorisation strategy in line with the objectives of e/MTIC and the partners involved. Furthermore the team is in charge of managing valorisation initiatives and collaboration with the partners involved. The task of the Valorisation Team is to enable optimal use of valorisation infrastructure to demonstrate the strategy is working based on pre-defined KPIs. This update will zoom into two specific activities recently kicked off:

•             Working towards implementation of value-based healthcare projects
•             Student projects to operationalize research assets.

e/MTIC’s ambition to be a fast track to clinical innovation has formulated in its strategy to have at least one project per application area that should create impact for the patient, and implemented in the clinic applying Value Based HealthCare (VBHC) approach. The objective here, is to operationalize this ambition by means of a structured approach for implementation of at least one VBHC project in clinical practice by 2024.

Towards that ambition the VTF is initiating assessments of VBHC projects in early stages and provide actionable recommendations and to install methods to implement VBHC actions throughout the innovation and transformation. Part of the next steps is to educate researchers in value-based healthcare approaches and educate Daily Management Teams in current and new business models innovation in VBHC.

Student projects: The first student project kicked off through e/MTIC is up and running. The team in focusing on a solution to enable COVID patients to recover at home, hence the name of the team Recover@Home.

The team finalized the MVP specs and started to validate these with HCPs and professionals.

Best regards,
Georgio Moses


Learning from others, to prevent making mistakes which could have easily be avoided, is important if you want to do things faster and better.  That is why e/MTIC also has a task force on education.

We started with setting up three very important courses: on clinical regulatory, on data regulatory and how to deal well with intellectual property. Even when somebody does a PhD still far away from clinical practice, it is good to be aware of these regulations: the knowledge you generate will be used within these frameworks. And, of course, for people who do research in a clinical setting these regulations are simply the law: not following them can kill your project. And while these regulations might be boring, there is actually a lot of logic to them: they were made to distinguish the good from the bad. Understanding this logic can actually inspire you to do the right things first.

As a next step we will develop a program on “system thinking”: how can you understand the overall system in which your work has to fit. And how can this help you in defining your research; to make it fit to is needed in the actual world. Not so simple, but there is a toolset which can help.

Best regards,

Ward Cottaar


With a mission to foster relationships among team members and the e/MTIC community. The team is formed by one communication expert from each of the 5 e/MTIC partners + one e/MTIC Chair. Currently team members are Roel Rambags (Catharina), Karen Priem (Kempenhaeghe), Marijke Bax (Maxima MC), Marit van der Heijden (Philips), Mia Jelsma and Henk van Appeven (TU/e).

Our scope:

  • Creating and expanding an ecosystem that enables fast track to high-tech health innovation and education
  • Establish alignment of e/MTIC activities and partner activities
  • To support the e/MTIC researchers in communicating their research results
  • To inform the e/MTIC community, stakeholders and the general MedTech public

Our activities:

  • Internal /External communication via e/MTIC Newsletter (2-Monthly ), e/MTIC LinkedIn page
    e/MTIC website, e/MTIC PhD survey
  • Community-building support: e.g. New Years Games, PhD poster sessions and social events , e/MTIC Conference, e/MTIC partner webinars

Let's keep in touch!

Warm regards,
Chantal Schoen , Chair e/MTIC Communication team