e/MTIC White paper 2022

The e/MTIC white paper 2022 looks back on the results and way-of-working experiences which e/MTIC has gained over the past four years since its formal establishment

6 Cases - proof points & learning points

In this section we look at the results of the e/MTIC approach along six different cases, identifying positive effects as well as room for improvements.

Healthcare systems are under pressure

The established healthcare systems are under pressure. Aging society, increasing costs and workload for fewer healthcare professionals and still too many people without access to care, pose major challenges. While the primary goal of e/MTIC is to make a strong contribution to the health and well-being of people via innovations in MedTech, it is the conviction of e/MTIC that this cannot be accomplished by individual research projects only. A much more integral approach to innovation is required, involving many disciplines in an early stage, providing structural support for common challenges and teamwork across the value chain establishing ‘a fast track to clinical innovation’.

Strong innovation ecosystem

In the past few years, e/MTIC has created a strong innovation ecosystem in which science and education, top-clinical institutions and industry work together seamlessly in a value-based healthcare approach. Over 130 PhD candidates are supported by tens of healthcare professionals, professors and senior scientist, as well as by task forces that take care of common challenges in e.g. regulatory affairs, accumulated learning and education, valorisation, funding opportunities, and data management.

This defines the e/MTIC ecosystem, rather than a set of siloed projects. In the e/MTIC White paper we present the practical implementation and experience along 6 projects, not only creating valuable innovation but also contributing to and exploiting common knowledge and breeding a new generation of scientist and clinical professionals that will cope with healthcare challenges of the future.

Prior to e/MTIC’s establishment over a decade of bilateral and multiparty research collaborations on specific subjects has been conducted. Eindhoven University, has and still serves as a pivotal organisation in this web of research. During this period, growing insight that successful and breakthrough innovation was fuelled by the beneath displayed elements was obtained:

  • Proximity (physically and mentally)
  • Strong executive management commitment
  • Focus on selected domains to avoid dilution and sub-critical mass
  • A cross-domain and cross functional approach
  • An integral value chain perspective (from research to application)
  • Innovative and outcome-based mindset

e/MTIC standardized way of working

The focal areas of the Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Centre (e/MTIC. Multidisciplinary research for breakthrough innovations, left sphere must lead to real impact in healthcare for multiplestakeholders (cf. Value Based Healthcare principles), right sphere.

This is supported by targeting for high impact and high quality publications and valuable IP for sustainable business cases. Innovation and cross-organisational learning is increasingly achieved by the use of data sets and by feeding the learning in education programs that breed new generations of MedTech researchers and professionals.