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E/MTIC at Dutch Design Week 2022

Dates: 22-30 October 2022 - Eindhoven

During the 2022 Dutch Design week four mayor e/MTIC projects were on display at various locations. At  Strijp-S -Ketelhuisplein, the TU/e Drivers of Change exhibition presented the projects FORSEE, Perinatal Life Support (PLS) and ACACIA. In the Klokgebouw at the Embassy of Health section, you could find the Pregnancy Risk Flagging System (PRFS) as part of the MEDUSA project . An even more extensive presentation of the ACACIA (Improving cancer care with human-centered AI) project was displayed at the Philips Museum.

e/MTIC Conference 2022

Theme: Fast track to clinical innovation: the essentials
Date/ Time: 22 September 2022 - Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

The Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center (e/MTIC) drives value-based healthcare by growing an ecosystem that creates a fast track in research, development, and implementation of sustainable innovations in clinical practice. This is achieved by strengthening the institutionalized collaboration between regional partners, focusing on research and innovation in three pre-defined clinical domains. Essential for the e/MTIC healthcare needs-driven research collaboration are data exchange, regulatory support, IP, impact, trust, and cross-appointments. e/MTIC is embedded in the innovative Brainport region, contributing to technological breakthroughs that improve the quality of life while restraining healthcare costs.